Which Chromium Oxide Is Most Acidic?

What is the most basic oxide?

Na2O is the most basic oxide.Al2O3 is amphoteric.P2O5 is acidic oxide.SiO2 is weakly acidic oxide.

Hence, the option (D) is correct answer..

Which is most acidic in nature?

BeOBeO is most acidic in nature as the acidity of oxides decreases with increases in the electropositive character of the central atom.

Which is most basic in nature?

Electron mreleasing group like -CH3 increases the basicity of amines by increasing electron density over nitrogen, which facilitate the donation of lone pair of electrons. Thus, (CH3)2NH is most basic….NH. … CH3NH. … (CH3)2NH.C6H5N(CH3)

Is CaO basic oxide?

Calcium oxide (CaO) , is a metal oxide. Like other metal oxides it is a basic oxide because it dissolves in water to form calcium hydroxide.

Which of following oxide is acidic?

B2O3 is the acidic oxide.

Which oxide is least acidic?

H2​O, NO, CO are neutral oxides.

Is zno acidic oxide?

Zno is an amphoteric oxide,because it can react with both acids and bases. while in general most oxides only react with acids alone due to its basic nature. Amphoretic oxides contradicts the Bronsted –Lowrey theory of acids and bases.

Is b2o3 acidic oxide?

boron trioxide i.e., b2o3 is an anhydride(when reacted with water, it becomes​ boric acid) of boric acid I.e., b(oh)3 or h3bo3. Hence, it is said to be acidic. … As we go down the elements in the boron row, the oxides of other elements like gallium, indium, thallium are basic in nature…

Which is most basic oxide of chromium?

CrODear user , CrO = Basic Cr 2 O 3 = Amphoteric Cr 2 O 4 = Amphoteric.

Which compound is the most acidic oxide?

Down the group, the metallic property increases due to the general increase in atomic size. Hence the basic property of the oxides increase and the acidic property of the oxides decrease. Hence the oxide of carbon, the first element of the group will be the most acidic oxide.

Is MgO acidic or basic?

Magnesium oxide is a simple basic oxide, because it contains oxide ions. It reacts with water to form magnesium hydroxide which is a base.

Which elements will form an acidic oxide?

Explanation: Oxygen present in the air reacts with non-metals such as nitrogen, sulfur etc as a result, non-metals tend to form oxides which are acidic in nature. For example, oxides such as nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide are responsible for acid rain.

Which is more basic na2o or MgO?

Na2O is more basic oxide. … MgO isn’t as strongly basic as Na2O because the oxide ions in MgO aren’t so free to combine with H+ ions. Moreover Na.

Which gas is acidic in nature?

The most common types of acid gases are hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Acidic gases are found in natural gas and must be removed through a process known as amine gas treating before the natural gas is used.

Which oxide of chromium is most acidic?

The higher the oxidation number the more acidic the corresponding oxide. Chromium is an example of such an element….General Rules.OxideOxidation NumberCategoryCrOCr2+basicCr2O3Cr3+amphotericCrO3Cr6+acidic

Which oxide is the most acidic?

So, Cl2O4 is most acidic.

Is co2 basic or acidic oxide?

Their chemistry can be systematically understood by taking an oxoacid and removing water from it, until only an oxide remains. The resulting oxide belongs to this group of substances. For example, sulfurous acid (SO2), sulfuric acid (SO3), and carbonic acid (CO2) are acidic oxides.

What does a metal oxide and acid make?

Metal oxides and metal hydroxides both react with acids to produce salts and water.