What Is The Richest School In Michigan?

What is the hardest college to get into in Michigan?

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor.

4 Year.

Ann Arbor, MI.

Hillsdale College.

4 Year.

Hillsdale, MI.

Grace Christian University.

4 Year.

Wyoming, MI.

College for Creative Studies.

4 Year.

Concordia University – Ann Arbor.

4 Year.

Kettering University.

4 Year.

Kalamazoo College.

4 Year.

Michigan Technological University.

4 Year.More items….

What is the prettiest city in Michigan?

The 10 Most Beautiful Towns In MichiganTraverse City. Considered one of the best small towns in America, Traverse City offers an array of outdoor recreational activities, from biking and hiking to kayaking and paddle boarding. … Frankenmuth. … Marquette.

What high school in Michigan has the most students?

Dakota High SchoolThe largest public school in Michigan (by enrollment) is Dakota High School with 2,996 students.

What GPA is required for U of M?

Michigan Admissions – SAT, ACT, GPA and Class Rank The average unweighted GPA was 3.9 and 78.8% of those enrolled possessed better than a 3.75. Applicants to UMich are not required to submit a class rank but, typically, close to 80% place in the top 10% of their high school class.

What college should I go to in Michigan?

Here are the best colleges in MichiganUniversity of Michigan–Ann Arbor.Michigan State University.Michigan Technological University.University of Detroit Mercy.Central Michigan University.Wayne State University.Western Michigan University.Hillsdale College.More items…

Is Michigan University a good school?

Hailed as one of the best public research universities in the US, the University of Michigan is a large institution with top-quality academics, accomplished faculty, and numerous research opportunities for students. … Altogether, the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor takes up 3,207 acres of space.

What is the most expensive university in Michigan?

Most Expensive Colleges in Michigan by Out of State TuitionOut of State TuitionCollege$Value$49,022 Out of State Tuition1) University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Public Not For Profit82$48,162 Out of State Tuition2) Kalamazoo College Kalamazoo, Private Not For Profit5718 more rows

What are the top schools in Michigan?

25 best school districts in MichiganNovi Community School District.Northville Public Schools.Troy School District.Okemos Public Schools.Bloomfield Hills Schools.Birmingham Public Schools.Oakland Schools.Grosse Pointe Public Schools.More items…•

What city in Michigan has the most murders?

DetroitDetailed List Of The Places With The Most Murder In Michigan For 2021RankCityMurders1Detroit, MI2752Flint, MI233Muskegon Heights, MI54Inkster, MI770 more rows

Why is Michigan State so expensive?

Michigan has a higher than average tuition rate at its public universities in part because the University of Michigan is so expensive compared to almost any public university in the country. … This is despite the fact that Michigan has a higher student population than many other states.

What is the cheapest university in Michigan?

Cheapest Colleges in Michigan by In State TuitionIn State TuitionCollegeRating$3,880 In State Tuition1) Michigan Jewish Institute W Bloomfield, Private Not For Profit-$6,700 In State Tuition2) Yeshiva Gedolah of Greater Detroit Oak Park, Private Not For Profit-18 more rows

Where is the best place to live in Michigan?

The 10 Best Places To Live In Michigan For 2020Birmingham.Huntington Woods.East Grand Rapids.Berkley.Beverly Hills.Grosse Pointe Park.Northville.Grosse Pointe Farms.More items…•

What is the number 1 school in Michigan?

Michigan High School RankingsSchoolRankSchoolDistrict1City MiddleHighGrand Rapids Public Schools2Saginaw Arts and Sciences AcademySaginaw School District of the City of3Community High SchoolAnn Arbor Public Schools7 more rows•Sep 5, 2019

What is the best high school in Michigan?

Top 10 Michigan high schoolsCity High Middle School, Grand Rapids.International Academy of Macomb, Clinton Township.International Academy, Bloomfield Hills.Washtenaw International High School, Ypsilanti.Rochester Adams High School, Rochester Hills.Troy High School, Troy.Black River Public High School, Holland.More items…•

What is the safest city in Michigan?

The 20 Safest Cities in Michigan#1. Oakland Township. +11. Population 19,495. … #2. Iron Mountain. +5. Population 7,327. … #3. Addison Township. +7. Population 6,598. … #4. Kinross Township. Population 7,432. Median Income $40,856. … #5. Spring Arbor Township. +21. … #6. Raisin Township. +82. … #7. Grosse Ile Township. -6. … #8. Hamburg Township. +20.More items…•

Is Michigan a good place to live?

Michigan is famous for being the bedrock of America’s auto industry, but the Great Lake State is as perfect a state as they come. … Even Popular Science magazine has given it a seal of approval by noting that Michigan will be the best place to live in America by the year 2100.

Is University of Michigan better than Michigan State?

Michigan or Michigan State? If by better you mean overall ranking, Michigan is the better overall school. … Michigan State is ranked 35 (tied). However, there are some programs where Michigan State is better, for example, Michigan State is ranked 1 in undergraduate supply chain and logistics.

What is Michigan ranked in education?

Education RankingsRankStatePre-K-1234Texas Texas3335Tennessee Tennessee3836Oregon Oregon3937Michigan Michigan2948 more rows