Quick Answer: Why Does Audrey Have Letters From Piper?

What did Audrey do in Scream season1?

In last year’s Season 1 finale of Scream, Noah’s BFF Audrey revealed that she had a sinister connection to Piper (aka the beeyotch who turned out to be killing, like, almost everyone in Lakewood): At the very end of the episode, she was shown burning letters she’d exchanged with the podcaster-turned-slasher, plus ….

Why did Audrey kill Rachel?

Her death may have been staged as a suicide so that Piper Shaw could make Emma feel Rachel’s death was her fault because of her part in the video. After the season finale, many fans believed that Audrey was the one that killed Rachel.

Was Audrey Piper’s accomplice?

‘Scream’: Audrey Confesses To Noah She Was Piper’s Accomplice — Recap – Hollywood Life.

Why did Piper kill in Scream?

Piper decided to plan a “reboot” killing spree, targeting Emma’s friends in order to make her suffer. Piper was also a famous podcaster, who documented murders. She used this as her cover to interact with the citizens of Lakewood, and also “bonded” with Emma.

Was Kieran really the killer?

Read at your own risk! We hate to say we told you so, but Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) was revealed as the killer on the Aug. 16 season finale of Scream. And that wasn’t even the most shocking part of the episode — he also explained that he was in love with Piper before he even met Emma.

How is Audrey connected to Piper?

One theory of Audrey’s involvement is that Audrey and Piper could actually be foster siblings. Perhaps while Piper was going through the foster care system, she met and bonded with Audrey who helped her figure out her true identity.

Do Audrey and Emma get together in Scream?

Although Gina is jealous of Audrey’s relationship with Emma, the two resolve their issues by the end of the episode and are still together.

Is Audrey the killer in Scream Season 2?

It is confirmed that the Season 2 Killer did this because Audrey revealed that Piper was with her on the night Rachel was murdered.

Why did Kieran kill his dad?

His motive is explained as he and Piper were in a relationship and started a murder spree as revenge against their parents (Piper for being put up for adoption while her half-sister, Emma had the life Piper should have had and Kieran for his dad dumping him in Atlanta with his mom to get high on pills).

Does Emma die in Scream?

(Spoilers ahead.) [Warning: This story contains spoilers from the Scream season-two finale, “When a Stranger Calls.”] … And after Emma and Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) killed her in the season-one finale, he decided to get revenge on them.

Who actually killed Sidney Prescott’s mother?

Maureen Roberts PrescottSidney Prescott/Mother

Did Kieran ever love Emma?

Kieran become madly in love with her and learned everything from her, that her father was Brandon James and that she plan take her revenge on Emma and her mother. Kieran wanted help Piper, with her revenge, but he knowed that he can’t leave with Piper for Lakewood.