Quick Answer: Which Part Of Kerala Is The Best?

Which is the best district in Kerala?

Top 10 District of Kerala For Mountain and Backwater TourismWayanad-Five Ghat Roads.

Thrissur-The Elephants Festival.

Kollam-Gateway To BackWaters.

Kasargod-Land of Lords and Forts.

Ernakulam-The Commercial Capital.

Kozhikode-The City of Spices.

Alappuzha-Venice of The East.

Kottayam-Vembanad Bird Sanctuary.More items….

Which is the richest community in Kerala?

Upper caste Hindus are the richest community in India owning 41% of total assets: Study.

Which city is very dirty in India?

1) Patna:- Patna is declared the dirtiest city of India. This capital city of Bihar has a population of 1 million. After the result of of swachh sarvekshan came out the political leaders started blame gaming. For the fifth time Bihar gets the dirtiest state of India tag.

Which is the richest city in Kerala?

ErnakulamErnakulam Of all districts in Kerala, Ernakulam is hands-down the richest. And we doubt anyone would argue against this claim. Although it might not be the capital of the state, it is however well-known as the commercial capital of this state.

Which district is most beautiful in Kerala?

Idukki districtIdukki is one of the district of kerala state, India which lies in western ghats of kerala. The district headquarters is at painav. Idukki has a vast forest reserve area which is rugged mountains and forests cover about 97 percent of the total area of the district.

What is the main income of Kerala?

₹1.15 lakh crore (US$16 billion) (2020–21 est.) ₹1.44 lakh crore (US$20 billion) (2020–21 est.) The economy of Kerala is the ninth largest in India, with an annual gross state product (GSP) of ₹9.78 lakh crore (US$138.88 billion) in 2020–2021….Agriculture and livestock.SegmentNational Share %Coffee5.2Meat5.117 more rows

Which is the most peaceful district in Kerala?

WayanadMost peaceful District in India – Wayanad – Kerala | Nature – YouTube.

Which is the best backwaters of Kerala?

10 Best Backwaters Destinations In KeralaKumarakom Backwaters. Kumarakom Backwater. … Alleppey Backwaters. Houseboat Cruise in Alleppey. … Kozhikode Backwaters. Kozhikode Houseboat. … Kasargod Backwaters. Kasargod Backwaters. … Ashtamudi Backwaters, Kollam. … Kochi Backwaters. … Trivandrum Backwaters. … Kavvayi Backwater at Payyanur.More items…

What is the famous of Kerala?

Named as one of the ten paradises of the world by National Geographic Traveler, Kerala is famous especially for its ecotourism initiatives and beautiful backwaters. Its unique culture and traditions, coupled with its varied demography, have made Kerala one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Which is the cleanest city in Kerala?

The civic administration of Sulthan Bathery in Kerala wants to make it the cleanest town in the state. Roads are cleaned spotless and citizens sell their garbage to the municipality to make fertiliser. In lush Wayanad, the town of Suthan Bathery is credited with being ‘Kerala’s cleanest town’.

Is Kerala a clean state?

Despite its noted sanitation and waste management strategies, Kerala has once again failed to meet the parameters and make it to the list of country’s cleanest cities in the Swachh Survekshan 2018 survey.

Are there crocodiles in Kerala backwaters?

There is no evidence to suggest there are crocodiles in Kerala’s Backwaters. There have been no sightings or recorded crocodile attacks on humans in the area. Although there have been a dozen mugger crocodile attacks in the state of Kerala around 2001.

Which is the bad district in Kerala?

Kannur districtKannur district Cannanore districtCountryIndiaStateKeralaEstablished1957HeadquartersKannur22 more rows

Which is the No 1 district in Kerala?

MalappuramDistricts of Kerala#DistrictDensity1Malappuram11572Thiruvananthapuram15083Ernakulam10724Thrissur103111 more rows

Is Kerala dangerous?

Kerala is one of the safest tourist destinations in India. … Kerala is the least corrupt Indian state as per Transparency International Survey which definitely makes it a safe tourist destination.

Which is the No 1 clean city in India?

IndoreIndore has topped the charts for the fourth consecutive year, proudly claiming the first spot of being the cleanest city in India.

Is Goa better than Kerala?

Goa’s beaches tend to be wider and cleaner than that of Kerala, and are, overall, more tourist-friendly. You can take strolls down the beach and continue for hours, connecting from one resort to the next, which isn’t possible in most places in Kerala.

Is houseboat in Kerala safe?

The houseboats are completely safe for families, couples and even, solo travellers. The houseboats crew are always available for the guests for any help. Guests can enjoy complete privacy and security during their stay. The houseboats carry safety equipment such as life-jackets, fire-extinguishers, etc.