Quick Answer: What Does TX Mean In Nursing?

What does the abbreviation SX mean?

List of medical abbreviations: SAbbreviationMeaningSxsymptomsSXAsingle-energy X-ray absorptiometerSXRskull x-raySzseizure168 more rows.

What are Tx and Rx?

TX and RX are abbreviations for Transmit and Receive, respectively. Note that these metrics are referenced to the server being monitored; Transmit FROM this server, and Receive TO this server.

What does DOA mean in medical terms?

Dead on arrivalDead on arrival (DOA), also dead in the field and brought in dead (BID), indicates that a patient was found to be already clinically dead upon the arrival of professional medical assistance, often in the form of first responders such as emergency medical technicians, paramedics, or police.

What is Tx stand for?

AcronymDefinitionTXTexas (US postal abbreviation)TXTransactionTXTransmitTXTax21 more rows

What does DOE stand for in nursing?

dyspnea on exertionThe term DOE stands for dyspnea on exertion. Understanding the cause of DOE is key to treating the condition and improving quality of life. Often DOE presents itself in the process of an active disease.

What is the medical term for DOE?

Dyspnea on exertion is a symptom of various diseases rather than a disease itself. As such, its etiology can be designated as arising from two primary organ systems: the respiratory system and the cardiac system. Other systemic illnesses may by culprit as well as a combination of different etiologies.

What does DOE mean for salary?

Depends on ExperienceDefinition of DOE or Depends on Experience Some job descriptions simply describe wages as competitive; others may use the acronym DOE which indicates that compensation “Depends on Experience.”

What does SX and DX mean?

Dx – Diagnosis, Sx – Symptoms, Fx – Fracture, Tx – Treatment, Hx – History.

Does TX mean transfer?

TX stands for Transfer (medical)