Question: Who Was Wanda Friend?

What did classmates think of Wanda and why?

Here is the answer to your question!.

Wanda’s classmates teases her for her funny name i.

Her name was the only funniest name in her entire class/School.

Her classmates make fun of her as she always wear the same faded blue dress..

Who was Peggy’s closest friend?

MaddieMaddie was Peggy’s best friend. It seemed as if she was in awe of Peggy. She admired her quite a lot as she said that Peggy was the most liked girl in the room and that she drew better than anyone else.

Why did Peggy and Maddie not wait for Wanda?

Why did Maddie and Peggy didn’t wait for Wanda on the day when it was drizzling? Maddie and Peggy didn’t wait for Wanda on that day because Mrs Mason, their teacher would announce the winners of the drawing and colouring competition. So, it was an important day and they didn’t want to be late that day.

Is Maddie short for Madison?

Maddie – A Short form of Madison with an “e.” Mads – A Hebrew derived name, which means “gift from God.”

What shows Peggy was not a cruel girl?

It is from the chapter “The Hundred Dresses”.

Who is better human being Maddie or Peggy?

Answer: Maddie is a better human being than Peggy. She is a kind hearted girl. Though she did not like to tease anyone, she could not protest the act of Peggy.

Why did she always wear a faded blue dress?

Because she has no another dress. She was a shy girl. She was also so poor. By these all she wear blue faded dress..

Did Wanda have any friends?

Wanda didn’t have any friends. She came to school alone and went home alone. … Sometimes, they surrounded her in the school yard as she stood watching the little girls play hopscotch on the worn hard ground. ”Wanda,” Peggy would say in a most courteous manner as though she were talking to Miss Mason.

Why did Wanda classmates think of her only outside of school hours?

She had an inferiority complex and knew that other girls were making fun of her by asking questions about her dresses. So, in order to hide this complex and counter the fun made by her classmates, she said so.

Why did Wanda always wear the same dress?

Answer. Because she has no another dress. She was a shy girl… She was also so poor …

What kind of girl was Peggy?

She belonged to a rich family. She had many pretty clothes. She is not a bad girl but she used to have some fun with wanda petronski and asked her how many dresses she had in jer closet. But peggy also a kind hearted girl because she protect the small children from bullies.

Why did Wanda claim 100 dresses?

No, she did not have a hundred dresses because she was poor and wore the same faded dress to school everyday. … She had an inferiority complex. In order to hide the complex and impress the other girls, she always said that she had a hundred dresses.

Why did Wanda have any friends?

Answer. Wanda didn’t have any friends because she came to school alone & went home alone. this was because of her poor condition of living.

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What is Madi short for?

Transferred use of the surname meaning “Mad’s son.” Mad was a common pet form of Matthew (gift of God) during the Middle Ages. Madison may also be a matronymic derived from the name Maud, an old pet form of Mathilda (battle mighty): hence, “son of Maud.”

How did Peggy justify teasing Wanda?

Answer: 1) Peggy justified making fun of Wanda as she thought that Wanda would not have the sense to see everyone was teasing her. She believed Wanda was not smart enough to understand that the polite questions were actually being asked to make fun of her.

Why did Peggy ask Wanda questions about her dresses?

When she asked Wanda about her dresses, Maddie felt embarrassed because she herself was very poor. (ii) Peggy used to ask Wanda mockingly how many dresses she had. She knew that Wanda was poor but still she made fun of her. Peggy had invented the dresses game.

What was Maddie afraid of?

So, Maddie was afraid of losing Peggy’s friendship, hence she preferred to stay mute.

Is it okay to have no friends?

Simply put, it is not necessary for humans to have friends. … But when people cannot make friends, they often think very negatively about themselves, even if they have reason to be very positive about other aspects of their lives.

Why did Wanda sit in the last row?

She sits in the last row because her feet were very dirty and caked with dry mud. She was very quiet and rarely said anything at all.

What was Maddie’s full name?

MaddelineAnswer: Maddeline is the full name of Maddie’s.

How did Wanda always behave in school?

Wanda left her school because she was disturbed and irritated by the way her classmates used to behave with her. Wanda was not able to walk from her birth, so she used wheelchair. Her classmates used to call her by irritating names and used to bag her always for her legs. This is the reason why she left.

What type of girl was Wanda?

Wanda patronski was very polished and immigrant girl came from America . She belongs to a poor family and always wore one blue colour faded dress which did not fit properly on her. she did not have any friends,she sets to live on the boggings height.

What did Peggy and Maddie think of Wanda?

Answer: Peggy believed that Wanda was dumb as she could not understand why Wanda said she had a hundred dresses, even when everybody knew that she was poor. She knew everybody was laughing at her. Even then, she kept giving the same answer.

Who was Wanda friend in the school?

MaddieMaddie was her closest friend. The reason Peggy and Maddie noticed Wanda’s absence was because Wanda had made them late to school. They had waited and waited for Wanda, to have some fun with her, and she just hadn’t come. They often waited for Wanda Petronski — to have fun with her.