Question: What Is The Opposite Word Of Elevated?

What does lofty mean?

1a : elevated in character and spirit : noble lofty ideals.

b : elevated in status : superior the less lofty customers of the bar.

2 : having a haughty overbearing manner : supercilious She showed a lofty disregard for their objections.

3a : rising to a great height : impressively high lofty mountains..

What we call lower in English?

American. Verb. lower (SMALLER THAN USUAL) lower (NOT HIGH)

What is the opposite meaning of elevated?

increased in amount or degree. “raised temperature” Antonyms: decreased, reduced, ignoble, lowered.

What is another word for elevated?

In this page you can discover 110 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for elevated, like: majestic, lofty, high-ranking, august, glorified, exalted, elated, righteous, upraised, honored and exhilarated.

What is the meaning of elevated?

raised up, especially above the ground or above the normal level: an elevated platform; an elevated pulse. exalted or noble; lofty: elevated thoughts.

What does lower mean?

verb (used with object) to reduce in amount, price, degree, force, etc. to make less loud: Please lower your voice. to bring down in rank or estimation; degrade; humble; abase (oneself), as by some sacrifice of self-respect or dignity: His bad actions lowered him in my eyes.

What part of speech is lower?

Definition of lower (Entry 4 of 4) intransitive verb. : to move down : drop also : diminish. transitive verb.

What is elevated tone?

: having an intelligent and usually formal tone or quality. an elevated mind. elevated discourse. Her poetry is known for its elevated style/tone.

What does elevated mean in medical terms?

Medical Definition of elevated : increased especially abnormally (as in degree or amount) elevated blood pressure elevated temperature.

What is the meaning of elevated position?

1 raised to or being at a higher level. 2 inflated or lofty; exalted.

What is the meaning of hoist?

an act of raising or lifting1 : an act of raising or lifting : an act of hoisting (see hoist entry 1) gave him a hoist over the wall. 2 : an apparatus (such as a tackle or a hydraulic lift) for lifting or raising : an apparatus for hoisting (see hoist entry 1) 3 : the height of a flag when viewed flying a flag with a 20-foot hoist.

What is the opposite of comforting?

What is the opposite of comforting?demoralisingUKdemoralizingUSdishearteningdispiritingalarmingdismayingdisquietingdisturbingperplexingupsetting96 more rows

What is the meaning of elevation?

1 : the height to which something is elevated: such as. a : the angular distance of something (such as a celestial object) above the horizon. b : the degree to which a gun is aimed above the horizon. c : the height above the level of the sea : altitude.

What is the opposite of hypertension?

Hypotension is the opposite of hypertension, which is high blood pressure. It is best understood as a physiological state rather than a disease. Severely low blood pressure can deprive the brain and other vital organs of oxygen and nutrients, leading to a life-threatening condition called shock.

What is the antonyms of elevated?

What is the opposite of elevated?sunkenlowloweredrecesseddowndownwardhangingnon-liftedlower

What is the meaning of elevated temperature?

elevated temperature substances Certain materials are transported as a molten liquids to make it easier to handle, load and unload them. … An elevated temperature is defined as at least 100ºC for liquids or 240ºC for solids.

Is a higher or lower mean better?

It shows how much variation there is from the average (mean). A low SD indicates that the data points tend to be close to the mean, whereas a high SD indicates that the data are spread out over a large range of values. … So the SD can tell you how spread out the examples in a set are from the mean.

What is the opposite of obvious?

obvious(adjective) Antonyms: unobvious, subtle, non-obvious.