Question: What Does The Word Alack Signify In The Poem Patriot?

How was the Patriot welcomed?

year ago, this same patriot was welcomed by the people, and his path was strewn with fragmented roses, and people were mad with zeal, and enthusiasm to see him, come back after his grand victory.

This tells that the patriot was swayed by the enthusiasm..

What lesson do we learn from the poem The Patriot?

Also Know, what lesson do we learn from the poem The Patriot? The poem patriot by Robert Browning subject matter is that of betrayal and the biggest take away anyone can get from this is that the same people you so love selflessly and claim to love you in return, could end up hating you and killing you.

What is referred to as the best of the sight in the poem The Patriot?

Answer: The crowd gathered at the scaffold’s foot to watch the patriot being executed is referred to as the best sight.

How was the Patriot treated in the beginning?

The fickle nature of the people reflects on how the Patriot is treated, In the beginning, he was treated like a god. Afterwards, he was treated as a criminal.

What is the ambiguity in the poem The Patriot?

The poem has an element of ambiguity. The readers are not told about the place and time of the setting of the action. Moreover the poem never tells us if the patriot is innocent or if his execution is fair – so the readers are forced to ponder on a series of questions.

Where is the Patriot being taken and why?

The patriot is being taken to scaffold for his “year’s misdeeds”. There is nobody on the house tops now except for few suffering from palsy. Everyone knows that today, the best of the sights is at the Shambles’ Gate or by the scaffold’s foot. The speaker is now moving in the rain towards his end.

What harvest the speaker is referring in the patriot ‘?

In this stanza, the speaker uses the word “harvest” satirically. His “harvest” is what he has reaped, whereas what he had sown was bringing glory, power and honour to the people. He feels that for all the outstanding things he did for his people, he has got a reward that is extremely disgracing.

What is the main theme of the poem patriot?

Explanation:The Patriot is majorly based on the theme of rising and fall of fortune. The narrator, the patriot is welcomed with feverish joy and paths of roses in the first two stanzas by the townspeople. But, by the end of the poem we see that those same people have humiliated and executed him, within a year.

What does Myrtle symbolize in the patriot?

Path: It is used in the poem to symbolize the political career. Myrtle: It is a symbol of purity, love, innocence and generosity. Spires: A symbol for hopeful gestures and strength.

Why was the Patriot welcomed as a hero?

(i) The patriot was welcomed a year ago for his victory, as a hero. To welcome him, his path was filled with roses, church towers were decorated, and blazed with victory flags, people cheered for him, etc. was done. (ii) The speaker is now in a mood of joy, and happiness, when he about the time he had a year ago.

What are the various figures of speech used in the poem The Patriot?

Personification:“The house roofs seemed to heave and sway”. … This has been done to refer to the crowd on the roofs and their frenzy on seeing the Patriot, which is causing them to clamber over each other and give an impression of swaying.

What is the poem The Patriot about?

The Patriot: About the poem In this poem, Browning talks about Politics, Patriotism, Religious faith, and the harsh reality of the leaders who are true to their sense of patriotism. It speaks about the sacrifice of such leaders who are misunderstood by the people. The speaker of the poem is a patriot.