Question: Do You Throw Away Greeting Cards?

Who takes unused greeting cards?

Greeting cards St.

Jude’s Ranch accepts used all-occasion greeting cards year round.

They recycle them to create new greeting cards that are then sold to support their programs for abused, neglected and homeless children and families..

What can I do with vintage greeting cards?

Keep them, donate them, give them away. Or sell them! Most vintage greeting cards aren’t worth a lot of money, at least individually. But designers, crafters and artists often like to use the images in scrapbooking, decoupage and other applications – or simply for inspiration.

What can you make with old greeting cards?

10 Creative Ways to Repurpose Greeting CardsCreate Cute Customized Gift Tags.DIY Garland Décor.Picture-Perfect Framed Photos.Fun DIY Puzzle.It’s Scrapbook Time!Save Money on Gift Boxes.Send a Customized Postcard.Make a New Card.More items…•

How do you declutter a greeting card?

Here are some tips if you’re ready to declutter your old cards and letters:Find the treasures in the piles and keep those but let go of the others.Keep cards that have special notes written in them but say goodbye to those with just a basic signature.Let go of any cards or letters from people you don’t remember.More items…•

How do I dispose of old greeting cards?

As I discussed in more detail in my article about what to do with old Christmas cards you really have three choices: (1) declutter them (which could include throwing them in the recycling bin, not the trash); (2) upcycle or make paper crafts with them; or (3) donate them.

Are old greeting cards worth anything?

Your Old Christmas Cards Might Be Worth Serious Money. … “And the most popular one obviously is Christmas.” Vintage cards in good condition can fetch about $10 to $50 apiece, she says, but particularly valuable ones can shoot up into the three- or even four-figure range.

What should I do with used greeting cards?

What to Do With Old Cards & LettersScan & store them on your computer. … Tuck them in your scrapbook or journal. … Keep them so you can one day give them back to the writer. … Repurpose them into tags & gift cards. … Repurpose them into scrapbook & journal embellishments. … Repurpose card tops into postcards. … Donate card tops.

Is there a use for old Christmas cards?

Donate Old Greeting Cards. Some nonprofit organizations, such as St. Jude’s Ranch for Children, accept old Christmas cards as donations. They then transform these used cards into new cards to distribute.

Where can I send used greeting cards?

Used greeting cards can sometimes be donated to local prisons, rehabilitation center or other state-run facilities. These entities often have craft times where residents or inmates can refurbish the Christmas cards, either for profit or to pass the time.

Are old Valentine cards worth anything?

In addition to the valuable insight they provide about the fashions and events of the era in which they were produced, some antique valentines also have a monetary value. You can find these old greeting cards for as little as two dollars, but some examples can fetch over $100.

Should you keep old greeting cards?

It is okay to keep special cards. However, not all cards are meant to be kept forever or are equal in sentimental value. A hand-made creation with a heartfelt note is different than a generic store card with just a signature at the bottom. Too often people feel obligated to keep every card out of guilt or tradition.

Is it OK to throw away greeting cards?

Old Greeting Cards Unless the card had something particularly sentimental and meaningful written inside, throw it away.

Is there a market for old greeting cards?

Old greeting cards sell for fairly good money, and again they don’t have to be “antique” to qualify. Here’s the really oddball part though, they don’t need to be mint or unused to sell. People will buy used vintage greeting cards for good money. Take a look on eBay under Collectibles > Paper > Vintage Greeting Cards >.

How do you store greeting cards?

Put them on display Keep cards in a large, see-through container: … Frame individual cards to hang on a wall: … Create a collage of cards and put them in a shadow box: … Hang cards on a wall. … Simply stand your favorite ones on a shelf, countertop or mantel—or stick them to your fridge:More items…•

Who do I send extra Christmas cards to?

Send them to someone in need of holiday cheer The holidays can be a trying time for those who have lost loved ones or who are not with their families during Christmas. Sending them a Christmas card with a kind note of encouragement, even if they are strangers to you, is a noble use of your cards.

Who should I send Christmas cards to?

Family. Start with your family when it comes to sending Christmas cards. You can show them how much you care by sharing your favorite Christmas wishes and a new family photo. There’s nothing better than opening up snail mail and seeing a photo of your relatives in the holiday spirit.