How Do You Redeem AFK Arena Codes?

Is there a way to hack AFK arena?

There are absolutely no diamond hacks or gold hacks in AFK Arena and any other online games, they are just trying to fool you..

How do I get free Wukong AFK arena?

How to Get Wu Kong For Free (New Event)Get to Ranhorn -> Library -> Unions.Click on any Union. If the Union already has full Heroes, replace a Hero in your Union with any other different-tier version of it. The Share button will show up. … Tap on the Share button, do it 2 times.Go to the Event menu and get Wu Kong for free!

What is redemption code?

Redemption codes contain both letters and numbers. … Be sure that you enter the code at the redemption site noted on your insert, card, or email. Go to Redeem a redemption code for subscription retail products or Redeem your purchase for non-subscription retail products.

Is AFK arena any good?

Ever since then, AFK Arena has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Google Play alone, where it currently sits at 4.6 out of 5 stars rating with over 2 million user scores. On the iTunes App Store, the game has 4.7 out of 5 stars score with more than 26 thousand user reviews.

Who is the strongest hero in AFK arena?

BrutusBrutus is probably, among the strongest Heroes in AFK Arena.

Are fast rewards worth it AFK arena?

Each use of Fast Rewards gives a player 120 minutes worth of AFK rewards. That includes the possibility of getting better rewards such as Mythic Gears and Buffs. The first daily use of Fast Rewards is always free and after that it uses the cost of an increasing price in Diamonds.

Is Nemora a good AFK arena?

Just like Shemira, Nemora can be picked up in the labyrinth for 45000 coins. She is the best healer in game, but offers great tanking and has a CC ability that allows her to take control of an enemy character for some while.

What is the point of AFK arena?

AFK Arena is a best in class turn-based-RPG, which builds upon the standard best practices of the genre while innovating lightly in the core gameplay and core loop. Similar to Heroes Charge, Puzzles and Dragons, Empires and Puzzles, Idle Heroes, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Legendary, and Marvel Strike Force.

How do I get better at AFK arena?

Top 100 AFK Arena Tips You Should Know When Start PlayingYou need a guild as quickly as possible.You should not buy anything else from the shop, either with gold or diamonds. … For Twisted Realm, always try to get mercenaries from friends or guild people, for better scores, and better rewards.More items…

What should I spend diamonds on in AFK arena?

One of the most important way of spending diamonds is to summon heroes in the Noble Tavern whether you are spending one summon for 300 diamonds or ten summons for 2700 diamonds. Diamonds can be also used to claim additional AFK chest rewards (50 diamonds, increases with consequent uses).

How do you get AFK diamonds?

Free Diamonds (Gems): 10 Ways To GetBounty Board Rewards. Some Bounty Board quests give. … Arcane Labyrinth. The Arcane Labyrinth rewards diamonds for completing each floor. … Campaign Quests. … Daily and Weekly Quests. … Arena Rewards. … King’s Tower. … Peaks of Time. … Events.More items…

Can you replay levels in AFK arena?

This is a replay feature to key Campaign stages and King’s Tower floors. Players can view other player’s successful formations via the replay feature.